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DODOMU charity fund helps children, teenagers, and young people who happen to find themselves in crisis situations. We work diligently to overcome orphanhood, homelessness, and lack of care among children; as well as to prevent child abuse and exploitation, and spread of drug addiction and alcoholism among teenagers and young people. DODOMU charity fund implements projects aimed at providing complex social services, and develops and carries out support programs for children and young people who need recovery from crisis situations.

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DODOMU in the Ukrainian language literally means coming home, to your own family and your home ground.

Our current projects

Friends from “Dodomu”
Emergency Center
Children's Town in the Hotsky village

Our finished projects



Meeting of the graduates of ‘Dodomu’ is always an exciting event

Joy, acceptance, interest, pleasure and talks, talks and more talks between ‘frames’, ‘splits’ and ‘strikes’:)  […]

Difficult life Circumstances can be different…

… but children must live in the appropriate conditions! –Wouldn’t you agree? As a rule, […]

Their smiles light up our hearts

Children in difficult living conditions (LWOs) are children from families in which parents or persons […]

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