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A feast for little ladies! ‘Lighthouse’ Project.

So, that’s a review of events from the beginning of the spring)

International Women’s Day was held recently in the children institution, where children are deprived of parental care. And we couldn’t ignore such a date… Whatever associations you have with a holiday, for us its first of all ode to spring, womanliness and just an occasion to gladden little ladies, to remind them once more that anyone of them is a princess, anyone of them is a Beloved One, anyone of them worth the best. We had gifts on the feast: little things necessary for princess such as jewels, creams, cute cards, chocolate and necessarily flowers for every girl)). There is no feast without roses.


It was a festive tea party for princesses with tasty cake. Even the most refined lades set aside dieting and said, that such delicacies could not be eaten in small amounts))). The tea party was accompanied with cheerful talks, funny stories and happy childish laugh. The atmosphere was so cozy and homey. The girls were dressed in festive fashion – elegant dresses, hairstyles, make-up. Even the little ones had a bit of such luxury in the form of golden sparkles on the eyelids and gloss on lips. Probably somebody thinks it was too early, but for the feast we can a little bit for sure… Finally, photo session to remembrance at its best! And of course delicious festive super with different salads, pizza, fruits, ice-cream and giant cake for 60 people!


The zest of the event was disco with contests, gifts, dances and serenades for little princesses and other numbers. And you will say: so, what special in it? It’s just dances! But this party was thoroughly organized and realized by our Socialization Center’s mentors. And when you see how adolescents, whose lives you touched with love – also orphans, also children – during several days creating a scenario, contests, rehearsing songs, select music and then whole evening create a feast for others  instead of just have a fun and share with them things which they already have… At such moment appears motivation don’t stop, but instead to do even more!


We want to give thanks sincerely, from the heart to all who took part in creating this feast. To all those who cooked delicious supper, who sacrificed their time and with inspiration applied a make up for girls and organized a party, to give thanks every partner! Without you all this would be impossible. For us it’s just a occasion to share something good, occasion to love with real deeds!