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This month, a person whose heart is truelly dedicated to the matter, which she chose to engage in, joined our team of specialists at15+ SCof “DODOMU”.

Oksana Bondar is a psychologist, a teacher and a person who, during her fourteen-day vacation,misses the children with whom she communicates and works.

The feeling after our meeting with her can be described as: inspired! Probably, because she believes in what she does.
– Hello, Oksana. So, how did you get to work on the ” 15+ Center for Socialization”project?

– Hello! This is one of those occasions, which isn’t in fact accidental at all. In the summer of 2016, at the annual Teen Challenge Ukraine retreat, I met with Anton Vdovichenko. He told me about the mission of the Charity Fund “DODOMU” and about the 15+ SC project. You know, people, who live in the work they do, have some internal sources of inspiration, and I saw it in Anton. It has touched my heart, because I have been working with children for a long time, and I see many orphans in Ukraine.I wanted to start working with them, but I had no opportunity and didn’t know how to deal with this problem. So, I was really impressed that such beautiful, innovative projects actually exist and are being implemented in our country, when there are people who actually invest their time and efforts in orphans, implementing a comprehensive individual approach to each child. It was like a green traffic light signal to me, so I chose to move along this path.

– I know that you had come a long way before you got to on work the project.

– Yes, I did. Anton introduced me to Anna Mishchenko, the head of CF “DODOMU”, and Julia Feshchenko, the Director of the first CSPRC (CSPRC – Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children). Next, I was trained on the methodology of mentoring “One Hope”, organized by the Foundation “DODOMU”. After that,I started working as a tutor at the CSPRC. For me, this was a way of combining theory and practice.

– This is a very fundamental approach … And how long did such a preparatory period last?

– Until the time came when I was offered to work at 15+ SC.It tookme nine months.

– And what goals do you put for yourself in the project of the Center for Socialization?

– First of all, to give children the opportunity to see and experience a caring attitude towards their destiny. I also know one more thing: our work here isn’t for the sake of the “tick” on the report or the statistics. In the 15+ SC, children are prepared for a fulfilling, independent life.