About mentorship–the way it should be  


Our main mission is to help prepare a child or an orphan teenager for his independent living through mentoring.


A mentor is a caring adultfriend who becomes a significant person to a child or a teenager, who wants to and devotes his time, knowledge and strength to the child. A mentor is not a sponsor or a guardian.


What are the tasks of a mentor?


First of all, it’s the development of the child’s inner potential, confidence in his own strength and abilities. As well as that:


  • To help a child to determine his life goals and find ways to achieve them;
  • To assist him/her in the formation of human relationships, cultural, moral and spiritual values;
  • To support a child in the formation of his/her understanding and the feeling that he/ she is not the odd one out,superfluous, in this world, that he/she can also love and be loved, accepted, have warm family relationships and be happy;
  • Toprovide a childwith the helpin dealing with purely practical issues: the registration of documents, the skills of choosing and buying food and clothing, the skills of self-service at home and so on.


Whilespending time with a child and playing games together, the Mentor opens up new knowledge and experiencesto the Pupil, stimulates the child to make decisions about the right choicesin life, promotes success in learning or provides assistance and support for such successes, thereby increasing the self-esteem of the Pupil.


It is important for the Mentor to strive to become a friend and a counselor to the child, be an example to follow, help the child develop his/her abilities and talents.


Though, the most important things for the Mentorare continuity, stability and complete acceptance of his Pupil, the way he/she is.