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“All children have the right to rest “

“All children have the right to rest “- emphasizes Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is an international legal document, which ensures the guarantees of the rights of the child. It is this document that guides the “DODOMU” Foundation in its activities. And also love, mercy and goodwill are our driving force.
So! EVERY child has the right to rest, to restore health, to have some leisure time and entertainment, to participate in entertainment events and cultural life, to explore the world… Therefore, every year we help in organization of summer recreation in health improvement camps for children and adolescents who have no parents or living in difficult life circumstances.
This year, kids from families with difficult life circumstances from the village Romanov go to ‘SOKOL CAMP’ in city of Slavuta and adolescents from Socialization Center 15+ from Kyiv go to the camp ‘VICAMP’ 2018 in the Mykolaiv region. Many scenic areas, active and creative rest, new friends, new experience and many pleasant impressions are waiting for them!!
Thanks to everyone who has already joined this good deed for your unindifference and generosity !
We will gladly consider all your suggestions and answer the questions. 
We are open to cooperation!
Our contacts:; tel: + 38-044-383-3435; + 38-098-553-8509; + 38-093-714-5506.