NewsSocialization Center 15+(boys)

Another teenager in the centre and once again…

It’s time to introduce you to our new friend, ZheniaYaremych.

We are lucky to have three Yevhens in our center. They all are unique, although have the same name. The only distinct thing in common is – they are much stronger in spirit than the other youngsters of their age. Even though they have been through such tough life circumstances,they managed to remain humane, kind, open-hearted, able to enjoy and appreciate simple things in life. They haven’t given up their dreams. All these facts testify to their true courage and determination.

Yevhen really wanted to be with us at “DODOMU” Center for socialization of 15+adolescents.

When asked by the team, he respondedas an adult:  “so that you help me build my own life strategy.”

He’s trusted in us, and we, in return, promise to makeeverything possible to ensure that his dreams come true in real life.Yevhen considers sincerity and concern of those whom he wants to trust the most valuable. Unfortunately, he hadn’t seen much of these from the people around him, “they were always too busy doing something and neverhad time for me.” “A child without a childhood” has almost become a standard symptom of a ‘sick’ family.

Though, all thiswasn’t in Eugene’s way of discovering his own talents and abilities:

“I spent a lot of time tinkering with differentmechanical devices. Bicycles and cars are like blocks, only much more interesting.I always knew that I would deal with them in my future life.”

Today Yevhenwishes for more. He wants to becomean engine driver or a train designer.

Eugene was born with a rare anomaly: vertical arched feetdistortion.As a child,one of his feet was successfully operated on, but the second one remains deformed. Therefore, we appeal to all our readers: please contact us if you can help in this matter, if you personally know an orthopedist, if you can help financially or supply necessary medication.  We are sure that you also believe in compassion!