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Becoming an important friend for a child


The interaction of an adult with a teenager is most often perceived as a process of teaching, upbringing or correction/adjustment. Such relationships rarely become the source of satisfaction from communication to both parties. Though, there is an exception to the rules if the purpose of the relationship is not the desire to correct, but the desire to support, understand and help.

When an adult who actually cares and can be trusted appearsin the life of a childwho, by virtue of circumstances,was left without parents, an adult with whom it is easy to talk about your worries, whomyou can ask for advice knowingthat he will take you for who you actually are, a true friendship is born. It becomes very important and valuableboth for the teenager and for the adult.

Becoming an important friend for a child who has never believed anyone isof great value!

These guys are very lucky! But how many other children are out there waiting for their friends?…