NewsSocialization Center 15+(boys)

Carrying through

Places at the 15+ Center for Socialization are not left vacant. Our star, Rybnikov Nazar, have just completed the course. A successful, motivated young man with strong, truly male character traits who had outstanding success in learning. That’s all about Nazar. Before he turned 18, he had already written a research paper and submitted it to the Little Academy of Sciences, received a second- degree diploma, had mastered English, and yet he remains sincere, kind and always ready to help friends. So, our way with him has only just begun, because, although we accompany our graduates till the end of the program, for three years, actually, the friendship and relationships that are established are lifelong.

We already have a new friend: please let me introduce – Sasha Zhiltsov!
“Popularity is my second name” –that’s all I have to say. In a safe environment, Sasha quickly revealed his talents: leadership, charisma, the ability to build social connections and groups. These vivid personal traits of Sasha, as he has admitted himself, need to be directed into the right channel, and we are ready to work with him on that.
In addition, he is amazingly zealous and punctual: if you ask Sasha to do something, be sure that it will be done in a timely and accurate manner!
We have faith in these children, we accept them as they are. Together with them, we reach more of what they aspire to and what is ingrained in them.

Because the challenge that we have accepted “Don’t even start what you don’t plan to carry through” does not leave any room for hesitation!