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Catch me on good

Encouragement = the best motivation

Such a formula was taken out by all the specialists working in the SSC 15+ ;BACK HOME;.

Children perceive the encouragement not only as a reward for certain actions and

deeds, but more for them – as a way of learning and gaining new experience.

Encouragement has the potential to develop internal benchmarks, priorities and

foundations for further development and growth. The experience of victory should

become more significant than the experience of defeat. After all, as you know, paths

through unsuccessful attempts and oppositions are leading to successes, achievements

and discoveries. But those who consider failures as a new field for action and

opportunities for further attempts – will achieve more of what they seek.

The team of experts of the SSC ;BACK HOME; invented and implemented an effective

interactive tool:

Motivational game  «Catch me on good». This is the game in which

there are no losers.

It teaches, and teaches not only pupils but also teachers – to be more attentive to how the

children really live. This is a simple and straightforward, not detached from life, tool with

which children learn to perceive criticism as a starting point for further growth.

Rewards in the game are always interesting. In addition to the material rewards,

children attend different locations, where they are willing and happily participate in

various activities; and this charge of received positive is enough until the next time.

The last place of joy and real extreme experience was the rope park, where boys and girls

chose the most difficult route – they conquered it, having won yet another victory over

their own fears and despair in their strengths.

It became possible thanks to our «X-Park» partners who are always happy and open to give children
such an opportunity.