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Modern society has already been denominated by sociologists and philosophers as the “consumer society”

The modern society, which sociologists and philosophers have already called the “consumer society,” cultivates its own culture, which puts the result above the achievement, values have a price, and life strives after surrogates of freedom, communication and the acquisition of social and personal experience.

The worst thing about this is that all this social ideology finds the field for experiments in the younger generation – in children who, having insufficient living experience, pass through the arrays of information, lifestyle, cultural and technological products, perceiving it as objective reality and focusing on substitutes of real life.

The oncoming generation is already called “generation of digital symbol”

That is why the oncoming generation is already called “generation of digital symbol”:
the virtual reality displaces the real one. As an example: among young people, it has become mauvais ton to call each other, and chat in social networks replaced the conversation.

Teachers and volunteers, who participate in the project of the Social Services Center for Adolescents of 15+ “BACK HOME”, and who are in constant interaction with children, have been observing for years and participating in the process of forming them as personalities on the basis of their own and the newest experience, have given some advices that warns those who are raising children today about the real danger under the present time conditions:

  • You do not have to pursue the impressive result that your child has learned to read, count, and speak a foreign language before school; it can be disappointing for some, but today they are learning this fast enough at schools. More important is that you will teach your child how to play, communicate, keep company and share with each other.
  • It’s hard for children at the time when they’re bored – so you do not need to throw yourself immediately and keep them constantly, their brain needs time to process information, and its constant irritation with activity in childhood will respond with closeness in the teenager. So let the baby bite a bit – it will only benefit.
  • Teach the child to be thankful: how often do we hear from our children “I want more” or “and why only one”? What happened to the words “thank you very much” or just “thank you”? Where did they go? So the attitude to the outside world has a hidden danger to make the child unprincipled consumer of it.
From the early childhood, when knowledge is best acquired and the foundation of the child’s outlook is formed,

the child should be taught the values that were and will be:

that are kindness, gratitude and respect.

Pupils of the Social Services Center for Adolescents of 15+ “BACK HOME” reside in the nature, in other words – offline: