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Choose your ((one)) and create a feast!

If love is real it always grows, always progresses, doesn’t cease, and doesn’t stop. Real love always acts. It has a desire to change something for the better.

We made a decision to celebrate a birthday of every child in residential institution in Kiev. They are waiting for a miracle this day: that father or mother will necessarily come with gifts or without them. It is just so important to know that you are loved and needed. It is irresistible children’s hope.

Everybody need know that there is someone in this world who cares. There is somebody who loves!

And here is one of our first beginnings – Elizabeth! She is real princess, and as it appropriate for all princesses loves fairy things. Now Elizabeth is 5 and she wanted cartoon fairy pony so much.

It was real feast with cake, kindles, ‘Happy Birthday” songs and wishes of all girls in young group!

“It will be my favorite hourse” the child said and hold it all day long. We had funny moments, games, festive photo session made for remembrance by children themselves.
But, do you know what is most precious?  Surprised and very happy eyes of this child: she still couldn’t believe that there is somebody who loves and cares personally about her! That it turns out that she is a princess and real treasure, not some unnecessary thing that people turned down by other people.
That gladness with what children met Elisabeth’s feast is precious. They were glad about Elizabeth’s gifts so sincerely. They tried to serve dishes quickly, to serve to juice and basically, of course spoil, juice for children, to serve cake on plates, to put and to light kindles and to perform photo session.

You know, to do good and to save the world is much easier than it seems! Save somebody’s world – even so little! Don’t pass by!

And here is announcement of upcoming birthdays and a list of wishes:
– May 13. Victoria, 14 years (now in hospital – we will celebrate letter) dreams about audio player or earphones or portable speaker;
– May 23 – Alexandra – dreams about guitar or player;
– June 7 Diane, 15 years  – likes ((girls’ accessories)) –  cosmetics and jewelry;
– June 8 Anastasia, 16 years. She is orphan and completely not accustomed to gifts so modestly ask about toy balloons (let we try to amaze her and show that there is such thigs as happiness!);
– June 14 Leah also modestly said that she don’t need any of such things;
– June 14, Yegor wanted toy car so much;
– July 3, Polina, 5 years – wants a doll;
– July 8 Eve – remote control car and coloring-book with cars.

You can help not only with gifts but also with sweets, cakes, personal presence and attention. You can also make financial impact. Just call 0931330422 or write on Viber +380635365180 Tetyana Kuzmenko (Тетяна Кузьменко)

Choose your one, create a feast! ))) We are changing the world together!))