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Day of Children protection from sexual abuse

Day of Children protection from sexual abuse.

Education advisory meeting with our pupils 15 plus and lawyers.

In May this year, 47 European countries have agreed to set especially important day for society.

18 November is call: «Day of Children protection from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse».

Council of Europe  Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse to commits: states that ratify the Convention agree to criminalise sexual activity with children below the legal age of consent, regardless of the context in which such behaviour occurs; it also mandates the criminalisation of child prostitution and pornography. The Convention sets out several measures to prevent child sexual exploitation and abuse, including the training and educating of children, monitoring of offenders, and the screening and training of people who are employed or volunteer to work with children.

Team «Dodomy» joined the event and organized for our children education advisory meeting. They had conversation about difficult issues.

Staff of First Kyiv City Center for legal aid helped us! Lawyer – Igor Svitlychny and coach -Friedrich Chernyshev revealed the essence of the concept : «sexual abuse» and «sexual exploitation».They dismantled lot of moments and described the different situations on this topic.

Discussion was interactive and information filled. Guys got a lot of useful tips. They realized that this problem is left unattended. We have people who are able to influence this phenomenon and help.

Our team is very grateful to all professionals and volunteers. Thanks to everyone who opened their hearts, took the time and joined the meeting.

The European Union initiated a change, but we have to continue and to finish this work.