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Difficult life Circumstances can be different…

… but children must live in the appropriate conditions! –Wouldn’t you agree? As a rule, nowadays children dream about either a new smartphone or a weekend in ‘Igroland’ (attractions/gaming centre). Though, there are children out there who dream of ‘the light in their room’ … yes, you heard it right .., ‘a jacket and a pair of shoes for school’ and ‘not to see cockroaches in my bag’.

We couldn’t remain indifferent to the dreams of the children in one of such families in difficult life circumstances. So, we decided to become the so-called ‘patrons’ within the framework of the “New Beginnings” project. A single mother with three children … we had to do something about it!

So, we started our war against cockroaches. We’d like to thank Pest Control Service for their timely and highly skilled help in this difficult matter. Then, it would be great to make sure there’s light in every room, so we need professional help from electricians. The rooms need to be painted too. We are also collecting a set of food products for each child. As well as that, we will need some clothing and shoes for the boys, 8 and 11 years old, and an 18-year-old girl.

So, friends, your support is extremely important! Let’s change the difficult life circumstances and children’s dreams for the better!