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“Do good and it will return to you!”

Charity in all developed countries is a feature that determines the high culture of each individual member of society, businesses and the nation as a whole. In recent years, the level of philanthropy in Ukraine has increased significantly. According to the World Charity Index, in Ukraine, the number of people who donate their money to good deeds has increased fourfold. Moreover, according to the index of charity (The World Giving Index) Ukraine in 2017 is in 90th place, that is, it has climbed 23 places!

The people say: “Do good and it will return to you”. It is on this principle that most of our partners operate and make invaluable input to the development of charity in Ukraine.

So recently, along with the representatives of the “Kyiv Lions Club” www.kyivlionsclub.org  and their children we visited families in difficult life circumstances (this is a part of ‘New Beginning’ Project’ ) with food and clothing packages, good mood and hope for a better future. We received a lot of joy, sincere gratitude and eyes full of faith in return.

The most interesting thing in this story is children’s charity! Yes, so, the children of representatives of the “Kyiv Lions Club” among the schoolchildren of their school gathered everything necessary for the children who are now in difficult life circumstances. This is a great example and a confirmation that Ukraine is really on the path to developing a high culture of charity.

We sincerely thank all our partners who have already joined this noble business and invite all those who wish to cooperate in helping children of families in difficult life circumstances!

Contact the project manager – Tetyana Simohodska

Let’s create a better future for Ukraine together!