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Dreams Come True! Children of Romaniv

In the education and upbringing of children, especially of the younger ones, emotions playan important role. Full mental development of the child is impossible without its emotional and aesthetic component. During a large emotional splash, the thoughts of a child become especially clear, and the process of remembering is most effective.Thus, our kids from Romanivgot a chance to visit a water park in Zhytomyr. After that, they also had a delicious pizza.

So much joy and so many new memories! Generally speaking, they were blown away, they had never even dreamt about such an opportunity!

We really liked the response of the Director of the Center to the question:”What did you celebrate?” – “Do you need an excuse for a celebration for children who live in difficult life circumstances and who are deprived of proper parental care? Their whole life is the reason for it and a huge excuse! ” Wouldn’t you agree?!
Those wishing to join our team of those who make those children’s dreams come true, the card number in Privatbank:
5169 3305 1064 5358

“Emergency Center for Children” smt.Romaniv
For more detailed information, please call:+38 (068) 217 ​​20 75 LyubovKuchmenko (Director)
Our young adventurers, Vadim, Misha, Artem and Maryana, kindly shared their memories with us!

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