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Center of Emergency Care for Children

єкстрена допомога

Status: preparing to launch

Head: Lubov Kuchmenko

“Center of Emergency Care for Children” Romanov town is for temporary stay of orphans or those who find themselves in difficult situations, suffering from violence and unable to meet their basic needs, were in the category of homeless, need immediate help and interference.

Target audience: children from 3 to 18 years

Goal: Provide emergency temporary assistance to children, promote the process of stopping further degradation, correct antisocial behavior and preparing to return to the biological family, placement in family care or necessary to continue the process of socialization, adaptation and prepare them for independent living in relevant.


● Moving children from dangerous environments to the Center.

● Creating conditions as close to home (family) for a temporary stay minors.

● Support medical examination in local health care before admission to the Center.

● Assistance in obtaining emergency treatment, further treatment.

● Provide children with clothing, food, necessary facilities for personal hygiene.

● Provide immediate counseling, individual, social  psychological, social educational, legal, social medical care and information help.

● Skills training self-care, self-service, cooking, homemaking economy.

● Implementation of common psychological, educational, social psychological diagnosis.

● Development of recommendations and preparation of individual plans.

●Assist with rehabilitation, socialization and adaptation for future return to biological

family / family, placement in family care or providing assistance with

other institutions.

● Conducting psychological correction and therapeutic interventions aimed at reducing (eliminating) the extent of existing symptoms, consequences of trauma.

● Implementation of the socio – rehabilitation for abused children.

● Assisting in restoring spiritual, moral, mental and physical condition, social functions.

● Making prevention and correction of behavior: antisocial, deviant, prone to criminal acts etc.

● Organization of general education at the Center and other institutions.

● Organisation of leisure, forming physical and psychological health.

● Assist in the restoration of violated rights and protection of legitimate interests.

●Interact with services for children, social centers for families, children and youth, educational institutions, medical institutions, NGOs, religious organizations, charitable foundations and other organizations for the comprehensive development of children and facilitate their integration into the social environment.

Center is located in the town Romanov, Romaniv district, Zhytomyr region. Designed for simultaneous stay of 10 children in a safe environment close to home. Maximum stay at the Center for 9 months (but may be extended).

Status: preparing to launch

News: “Center of Emergency Care for Children” Romanov town