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Event release of the Center of socialization for 15+ adolescents for June-August 2016




Employees of the first local center visited one of the centers of socialization for15+ adolescents. What legal matters are of interest to adolescent children of the center? On the website, you can see the Regional Center providing BVPD in Kiev.





It’s difficult enough to reach out to people. Well, our guys seem to have found common ground even with animals. They walked all 16 hectares of the “XII months” zoo and had a lot of fun communicating with animals, which they had not even dreamtof ever seeing live. The main advantage of the private zoo is that many animals can not only be viewed through a high fence, but they can also be fed and even patted. What could be cooler than an opportunity to shake a paw of a raccoon, scratch behind the ear a well- fed pig or feed a few tufts of grass to a giraffe! Pupils of the Centreof socialization for15+adolescents returned from the camp, took a restand went to the long- awaited zoo. They saw the rare white lions and a white Bengal tiger with blue eyes, got to touch a camel, raccoons, wild boars and some birds. They also fed a giraffe and stayed for a little longerwith monkeys. They, of course, couldn’t help but take photos in a “Wise man” cage! 🙂On their way home, the guys spent a lot of time discussing the day and its experiences and assured us that they were unforgettable!




Do you think it’s impossible to get teenagers, especially boys, to clean? You’re wrong. Our guys do it with pleasure! Well, it looks like it, anyway. Though, while cleaning silently,they sometimes throw rags at each other or sprinkle each other with water. The result is clean rooms. Even in the farthest corner of the planet (crossed out) Centre. With each cleaning, the boys getmore and more accustomed to it. If theydo it together, with the music on, it’s not so boring and sad as to force yourself to make one monthly cleaning.

Guys finished cleaning and went off to play. Meanwhile, in their rooms, through freshly- cleaned windows, the sun is shining a little brighter. Do spring cleaning together! At home and in life.





A little bit about our successes!

We have four pieces of news. Today, Zheniafinished the 9th grade of school and the first year of the technical secondary school. His future qualification is a painter anda plasterer. He also draws perfectly and can acquire a more interesting profession in the future (We’ll tell you more about it in other posts if he allows us :)). Special thanks to the specialists of ‘ESTER’ beauty salon for hislovely haircut before graduation. Mykyta is now a lyceum student! He successfully entered the Kiev military lyceum named after Bohun! He already wearshis uniform with dignityand isn’t put off by the strict discipline in the place.His leadership character is exactly what you need for a military career!


There is news from the graduates of our Centre. Dima got an invitation to an interview in a large company, although initially he was looking for a job as an unqualified worker in nearby outlets. He came to the Centre to consult with educators, to spend some time at the computer searching for a job. In the end, he realized that there were better options. He found the courage and made the arrangements for an interview. Although, when he first came to the Centre, it was psychologically difficult for him to even speak. Another graduate, Ruslan,passed his final school examsand is planning to join the CPI. Before that, in just two months, he had managed to externally graduate from collegeas a chef and completethe high school programme of two years. Although, it all could have been different. If Rusykhadn’t come to us, most likely he would have been expelled from school. He has always enjoyed cooking, but we decided together that he had to get both skills and a diploma. He got his diplomaexternally and all the necessary skills -in the restaurant on Pechersk. He had to have the school course completed as well. Now Rusyk is working as a chef and getting ready for entrance exams to CPI. As it turned out, his parents were the candidates of technical sciences. And, perhaps, Ruslan follows in their footsteps! This issuch good news!




Weekend is a picnic time for the team! Our students are an integral part of the “DODOMU”team, so we try to do everything together. We go on a picnic with the teenagers of the Centre of socialization. It’s nice to see that not only they getsome help and care, but they take over many tasks themselves: they offer to carry bags, organize fire to cook meat and even play with a child. Don’t forget to spend your free time together with your teenagers. Although sometimes it seems they aren’t interested in spending time with you, it’s not the way. In reality, you are one family and they really need you.




Let me introduceZheniaBabenko! A new member of our Centre of socialization for15+ adolescents!He’s brainy and has his own dreams and ambitions. He is very practical and able to absorb both academic lessons and different life experiences. Probably that’s why he chose us himself. In fact, he initiated the transition to the Centre himself, kept warming up the atmosphere and monitoringthe process. Zhenia is 15 now, studying at the vocational school to become an arc welder. On this basis, he would like to enter the Railway College. In the future, he sees himself working as a mechanical engineer. He is planning to keep upgrading his skills until he is qualified to work on the trains of international railway communication. He is very sensible about evaluating the benefits and advantages of this job. Zhenia has very clear life ideas and is willing to change for the better, grow and develop.This is the kind of a person our Zhenia is! “We guarantee him our help and support. We believe that the time spent in the centre of socialization will not only help him gain some knowledge and improve hisskills, but he will also see for himself that, in this world, there are people who are willing to love him the way he isand be his family! “- says Anton Vdovychenko, educator of the Centerof socialization for15+ adolescents.




On Pasha’s must-do-list, in its “make it happen before adulthood” section, the first item was to write “Have many good friends.” And this mission is successfully accomplished. Among his friends, there are both peers and adults. The photos from Pasha’s birthday party are placed here to testify to the above.

On free days, we arrange individual trips. Personal attention and communication with adults are very important for teenagers. Yulia Feschenko, ValentynaChernyakand Olga Dzhyga, members of our  Centre’s team,went for a walk in the city centrewith Roma and Nikita. Onsuch days, boys, while having fun, also learn a lot. Attractions “tested” their self-control. Puzzle stairs showedhow witty they are. The guys got a chance to use one of their lessons on good mannersin a real life situation. They also had a delicious meal and enjoyed running in warm puddles in the rain!




Do you remember the day when you first came to see the circus? How old were you then – 5, 7 or 9? Our Zhenia is almost 15 and he had never seen a performance under the dome. He only heard other children talking about it. Tatyana Petruk decided to rectify the injustice and make Zhenia happy. She brought him to a performance at the qualifying round of the International Circus Festival. Under the dome of the Chief State Circus of Ukraine, they saw acrobats, trapeze artists, clowns, jugglers. Among them there were representatives of the world’s strongest circus schools. And, by the way, it was free for all spectators. Special thank you to Lilia Pagava for the invitations.

So, it’s not necessarily have a lot of moneyto make dreams of pupils of the Centre come true. You just need the desire to help and a little time. Therefore, we are always happy to welcome new people who are willing to do something good for the children deprived of parental care. If you want to become a volunteer of CF “DODOMU” or help our centre anyhow, even only once, – please text us or call at:

+380 44 383 34 35, +380 66 240 30 04, +380 93 714 55 06; +380 98 553 85 09




Wow! Now our guys have a plasma TV! The boys took everything off the shelf in a split of a second and put the present there instead! It is worth mentioning that this TV was presented to our Centre by the teens-graduates of the ‘Consul’ Lyceum №86. The children from wealthy families decided to share with those who do not have parents. YuriyBerezhnoy, one of the graduates, brought the present himself. A huge thank you from all of us! This is where, undoubtedly, the guys will get together in the evenings. They first watched”Running in the labyrinth”, a science fiction movie. There are many plans to watch a lot of interesting educational movies and football games, of course!




Our Roman is in the third photo. The IT guy is studying!