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Family dinner at DODOMU

After a hard week at work,would you like to get together with yourclose friends to have a good timeand something delicious to eat?? We would!

That is why,last Friday, the DODOMU team organized a nice family dinnertogether with our teenagers. You’re right, everything was very tasty, but,in order to be impressed not only by the delicious food, but, first of all,by friendly and genuine communication, we had prepared for it in advance.

So, in the evening program, there was a quiz where we learned a lot of new and interestingthings about each other, as well as competitions to show that you’re a smart and fastteam player. Someone even had to recall how to tie a man’s tie, and someone had to do it for the first time.

Some of our boys have shown an ability to make a really delicious salad without any effort, ‘no problem’, which absolutely amazed everybody present there.

Well, of course, there were dances … a casting to take part in the filming of the musical which was excellent! In such an atmosphere of serenity and joy, time flew so fast, but, in another quiz,once again we were reassured that love is an action. When all are taught to support and help each other, you can undoubtedly feel an integral part of a large family.

After all, the family itself is a place where you’re loved and accepted, where you feel protected and that somebody needs you!

The family dinner was a big success …To be continued!