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Family ‘DODOMU’ dinner at the Centre for socialization 15+

Family ‘DODOMU’ dinner

NON – indifference.

‘Indifference is worse than a war’ – this statement reveals the essence of the phenomenon of “children without childhood.”

Indifference can make a child with living parents lonely. It can destroy the sprouts of his dreams and his whole strategy for future life. It can steal the colors of life and bring a young soul into the hell of surviving in a society where even the most spiritually strong adults stop believing in truth.

‘DODOMU’ team and volunteers live and work to break this indifference to children, forever attaching thereto the NON prefix. It has become the slogan, motivation and purpose of their lives.

Being NON – indifferent to children in simple everyday situations that are important to them here and now. NOT making excuses such as ‘Now I can’t because …’ NOT avoiding contacts with children, because they’re living and getting to know this world now. We’ve seen a little and know a bit about this life. Children are not indifferent to our life experience. They want to know about it. They want us to share it with them.dodomu event

To celebrate this NON – indifference, we got together at a real family dinner with a homemade signature cake, pizza and salads. Dressed up in the 90s style, we were dancing, having fun and enjoying lively conversations.

Having done this, we have invested one more grain of truth in the hearts of our boys, belief that indifference has the right to exist

only with the prefix NON.

We believe that, if we manage to grow NON – indifference in the hearts of these children, it will bring a fruit that will change the face of a child of our country.