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Family party in Khots’ky

This weekend, in Khots’ky, there was a truly festive event for children and adults. It filled the whole village with fun and joy! Every guest of this family celebration found something entertaining for himself and many more interesting things. There also was a gift waiting for everyone!

“Planet D” is a planet where all the children are happy!’ – once again we saw for ourselves at this party. The concert, the games and the contests and the special festive show…The children were delighted to see all that. Aqua makeup and exquisite braids made for the girls brightened up the celebration. Children’s emotions were at their peak 🙂 They were also happily playing different board games and making ‘something interesting’ with their own hands.

The entertainment program from ‘Victory Teen’, the teenage movement, captured the attention of teenagers in Khots’ky. It’s no secret that teenagers really enjoy discussing different original topics. This time it was about how to find your calling in life and discover your gifts and talents. Interesting contests and board games made this party a success.

While the little ones and some older participants were having fun, the ‘Dodomu’ team organized a training for their parents on the topic of “Building relationships of trust between parents and children.” No question was left without an answer, and a lot of practical advice was also given.

                                     Stop, think and do good! Together, we can more!