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From the young to the younger ones

The youth of today has some positive experience, and they are ready to share it.

The youth of today, despite all the criticism and false ideas about them, finds a proactive stance on sharing of good practice between themselves.


VladyslavaYanchenko, a graduate of T.Shevchenko University and one of the young professionals in advertising and public relations who has herself come a difficult way to realize her own dreams and has some valuable positive experience in how to translate young people’s aspirations into reality , proposed CA “DODOMU” to hold  an interactive event that had been personally developed by her:


“A professional orientation meeting with T. Shevchenko KNU “.


We happily agreed to the proposal.


With her personal practical experience, she came to students of “DODOMU” to tell about the possible ways of how to get into a journalist trade, become a PR manager, an editor etc. at the National Taras Shevchenko University. This message has reached the boys and girls who were present there, and each of them came to the realization that they could also study at such popular and highly rankedhigher education institutions.

Pupils actively debatedand

 participated eagerly in an interactive game in which it was proposed to create a brand of a new product, a slogan, come up withits price and present it to potential investors. The result was impressive even for Vladyslava, a very creative young PR professional, as these kids’ imagination and their ability to custom approach are developed tosuch an impressivelevel that can make all advertisers envy.


There was a bright surprise awaiting the participants:


 A draw for the invitation to attend the “Eurovision”!


The winner was YevhenBabenko, who impressed everyone with his nobility and passed hisprizeto one of the girls. We’ll cover this event in our future publications.


It’s inspiring when young people, understanding that this is the only way to update and enrich their own experience,put it into practice: theystep out of their comfort zone and go where their enthusiasm will be like rain for the earth in springtime. It looks bare and unattractive on the outside but the rain and time will enable a clean living seed, that has just awakened in the minds and hearts of these children without childhood, 

 to grow and become something worthy for the human community in due time.