Fundraising that works

Fundraising, as a term, is not yet widespread in Ukraine.
 It is mostly associated with philanthropy and social projects.

Nowadays, fundraising in Ukraine mainly works as following: non-profit organizations seek donors/sponsors who voluntarily participate in the officially announced charitable projects or their parts. Thus, the subjects of fundraising activity are non-profit organizations (NPOs) that are systematically engaged in looking for/attracting funding and fundraising for projects.

The main tasks of fundraising are:

  • attracting resources to implement target programs;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of the organization;
  • accumulation of new ideas for the implementation of future programs;
  • improving the image of the organization and strengthening public confidence in it;
  • informing and educating the public about the problems that the organization deals with/solves.

The “DODOMU” team is actively developing this area of ​​activity. Thanks to participation of concerned people and organizations, a lot of social issues are being addressed, such as  rehabilitation and recreation of children, providing them with all the necessities, organization of educational events, training, entertainment, and more.

The head of fundraising team of ‘DODOMU’, Vladyslava Horiana,

on how it works today in not so simple circumstances in Ukraine:

– – – – – – – – – – –
People have always had the desire to be part of something more important than their own destiny, as craving for good deeds is laid in us as one of the most importantways to interact with each other. This is one of those things that makes us human and, therefore, neither it has any limits, nor a final result, as the cooperation and interaction are based on the principles of sacrifice, which is the strongest and clearest expression of true love. Thanks to this, we invest in something that you can not spend, because it can only grow and bear good fruit on the scale that is immeasurable by our brain.

One can only feel it with his heart. It makes you feel genuinely satisfied.

In recent months, our partnershave managed to do the following:

  • provided an opportunity for children to have active recreation at sea;
  • purchased modern heaters for the rooms in the 15+ Centre of socialization to maintain heat in the off-season;
  • boiler for hot water,
  • soft furniture for educators’/ counsellors’room;
  • held manymodern educational activities,
  • creatively organized some birthday parties;
  • got the windows repaired;
  • presented us with a TV and some sports equipment;
  • all the teenagersin our care have been provided with warm clothing and footwear, as well as some stationery and educational materials.

Although there are still plenty of needs, all that is done, all the help that has become part of their lives, testifies to the fact that something bigger than material goods is being created, that is the faith in the compassion of people. That’s why I love doing what I am engaged in. I understand that the challenges taken today will turn into a great victory tomorrow.’

We are thankful to all our partners for their help and wish them

‘so well with around thee, and in health, as your soul prospers’.

We believe that together we will continue helping those who need help!