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Give children a chance for childhood!

It is normal for children to grow up in the atmosphere of love and comfort. Everyone should feel protected, accepted and included. Only a truly family atmosphere can make one feel this way. The opportunity of a full-fledged development directs a child’s steps into the bright future!

‘Here, on the playground, there are toddlers playing, while the older kids are learning to paint in the classroom. Little Sashko is already studying computer hard, Irynka is singing so wonderfully that everybody is amazed, Sofiika is helping her “mom” with lunch, “dad” is helping Dmitro to repair his bike, the team of teenagers is getting ready for the volleyball competition…The air is filled with freedom and joy, children’s chatting and a thirst for life …’

This is how we see the children’s estate in the village of Khots’ky. As we know that dreams come true, we don’t stop dreaming and moving towards our dreams! Even though these are only little steps, we are still moving 🙂 While a complete project is well under way, we’re doing something to make it happen faster. During the summer, the work is going on full blast, the “Dodomu”  team and volunteers are involved in it. The territory of the estate and the houses there have been cleaned, the sanitary facilities have been renovated, the kitchen and dining room are in good working order, the fence is being fixed and some work tools have been purchased, namely a lawn mower and a cart. First of all, we are planning to get ready for the children’s arrival to spend here their weekend.

We’d like to thank everyone who has already joined us and who is planning to do so! Let’s realize this dream together! We are open to cooperation and will gladly consider every sensible suggestion and advice!

Our contacts:; tel: + 38-044-383-3435; + 38-098-553-8509; + 38-093-714-5506; + 38-066-240-3004. Address for correspondence by ordinary mail: CF ‘DODOMU’  Mailbox B-382, Kyiv-01001, Ukraine.