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In search of winter adventures

This winter trip was truly extraordinary.

The boys were well prepared for it, and intendedto get the maximum of positive and bright impressions during these holidays, as well as some new experiences and fresh Carpathian air. And all have succeeded in it.

We have overcomeour fears of crossing theaerial ropeway, the testing which Oleksa Dovbushused to select the best contenders for his combat unit, went to the caves where he had lived, and walked up the steep and narrow paths up to the top of the mountainMakovytsia. We walked alonganincredibly long, but fabulously scenic path to the waterfall Hooke.We quickly got up on skis thanks to the experienced instructor and a person with a sincere, open heart – Elvira Akhmetova, made the descendingfrom the mountain Yablunytsya which is of the highest level of difficulty.We also experienced anice-cold water training in a real Carpathian tank and in a mountain river.


The Carpathian mountains were friendly, sincere and very welcoming. The New Year was celebrated in a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Everyone had the impression that we came to stay with relatives.Throughout the trip, we met people who were willing to sacrifice, devotedly helpedus and willingly cooperated with us. We were genuinely impressed by that.

The team of the teenage socialization center of “DODOMU” thanks all partners, benefactors and staff of Kyiv city service for children for having made this wonderful winter adventure possible.

Thanking Elvira for her active participation, we heard in responsethe following words that will forever remain in our hearts:

“I am a happy person, because God have the opportunity to give back what I have, what I can do, because the real pleasure always comes when you give.”