Fund DODOMUNewsSocialization Center 15+(boys)

In your mind and heart

It is impossible to work with children and not to share part of your soul with them, to stay with a closed heart and not to devote your own life to it more than a simple work duty.

Confidential relationships are the foundation of our work with children at 15+Social Centers.

This is a complicated path, a path that requires one to look into details of the situations of the pupils involved, their way of life, their ideology and understanding of their environment, their conflicts and solutionswhen you cannot afford to be disappointed and give up.Though, that is the only right path, because only trust and acceptance make it possible to raise one’s self-esteem, a stable inner motivation and an inner call to a better life.

Following that way together with the child, one cannot but change himself. Those transformations that take place in the mind and heart create many good qualities and character traits, but they aren’t worth anything without love. Love is theresult, love for one’s children or work, love and desire to enjoy giving more than receiving.

So, together with the whole team of “DODOMU” we’d like to thank you,Sashko, for giving us a chance to walk this way with you and learn how to love more!

The most interesting thing is certainly ahead!