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Is it a lot to change the life of one, or not?

We are used to evaluating the help to orphans or those who are in difficult living conditions on the scale of events we provide and the cost of gifts … and what do they dream about? What makes them happy?!
“To visit the granny who lives down the country!!!” – this is one of their dreams.Yes, and here we recall ourselves in our childhood … warm arms of your granny, sitting down under an apple tree at a table with some young potatoes and meat on it, or yummy pancakes with milk … carelessly observing chickens … birds chirping somewhere nearby, a kitten sitting under the same table and rubbing against your feet, and Sirko, the dog, looking at you with his loyal eyes hoping to get a pancake.Your grandmother listens carefully to your secrets, sometimes complete nonsense)), always suggesting something … .and that feeling of “freedom”, you just want to breathe the fresh air in deeply, run barefoot, go look in the garden for a fresh cucumber or some mulberries, then hop on the bike and ride, ride, ride…
That’s the dream the ‘DODOMU’ team made come true for these boys! Nadia Mykolayivna invited them to visit her and spend some time in her country house! It was such a fun and everyone got millions of unforgettable memories! Denis even noted: “It’s good that there is no internet here!)))”. Although, Pasha was a bit worried : “Who will wash so many dishes?” This problem was solved, because the granny was real – caring, loving and wise!

Some people think that it is very difficult, a lot of responsibilities and very expensive … and, of course, the guys! teens! –This isn’t true! “There were no problems with the guys! –Nadia Mykolayivna reassured us.- All conditions of this visit had been agreed in advance and everyone tried to stick to them. Children are not demanding, you can always work out a solution with them,when it comes to obeying! Joyfully, we took on board this new experience and enjoyed every single moment of it! It is in such an unassuming family atmosphere that children are really open to change, forget about being orphans, it’s when the respect for adults is formed, and proper family values are put in place.
Although… No! There was one problem: “We don’t want to leave! -the last words of the guys on the way to the Center. – Thank you so much for a great weekend! ”
This simple story is a wonderful example of personal influence, as they say “from heart to heart,” on the life of an orphan or one that has been in difficult circumstances. Only deeprelationships full of trust and love can heal these injured children’s souls.

So,is it a lot to change the life of one? Is it? Is it difficult or easy to share some of your personal attention and time with a child? Join in!