The “DODOMU” team learned to train Mentors

CF “DODOMU” works on the improvement of its mentoringfield of activity. Every child, deprived of a parent, must have a Mentor. An adult friend whom he trusts,who invests in him all the immaterial values ​​and helps him to deal with different life issues.

Being a close friend for a troublesome child is quite a challenging task.A Mentor must be able to cope successfully with his own childhood wounds and psychological problems in order not to endure them on a child and not to “break down” halfway. Accordingly, testing and training of such people is quite a serious issue. Last weekend,seven people from the “DODOMU” team attended a four-day training session for trainers of mentors. Now, not only they can be Mentors themselves, but also prepare teams of others. We’d like to thank our partner organization “Odna Nadiya” and its professional trainers – Victoria Androsova and Iryna Satsyuk.