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Meeting of the graduates of ‘Dodomu’ is always an exciting event

Joy, acceptance, interest, pleasure and talks, talks and more talks between ‘frames’, ‘splits’ and ‘strikes’:)  And, then, pizza and more talks:) The atmosphere of the evening is interesting, intense and warm!

You know, in fact, there are no graduates of ‘Dodomu’ … there are our children who have already grown up. All the guys are working now. Some are in the construction industry, some are in the hospitality or retail sector, some are professionally engaged in music, and the others are still studying. But the main thing is that they all have their present! Now they all are making plans and dreaming about their future and planning how to build it. Good luck, our dearest!

We’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the positive changes in the fate of these children!

We have prepared a photo report for your attention. Let’s enjoy it and have fun together!