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Men’s games

Yevhen Babenko’s birthday

Since the very beginning of YevhenBabenko’s stay at “DODOMU”, he’s been standing out with his purely male approach to everything in life:

  • He has plans for the future and gradually and consistently implements them in life,
  • He’s seeking independently sources of income and has a sensible and practical approach to it,
  • he isn’t lazy and takes responsibility for his actions,
  • he’s building relationships with others and is able to see real values in them ​​- honesty and openness.

During his stay at CA “home”, Yevhen has changed dramatically: everybody noticed it and all these changes were primarily due to his desire to change. For, if a child has this desire, there’s no need to motivate him, it’s enough to guide and support him.

His past hobby of riding trains has turned into today’s aspiration for the future. In his spare time, he meets with engine drivers. He is genuinely interested in everything that has to do with the railroad rolling stock, and,

in his plans, Eugene aims to work for international rail traffic.

Today he is active, consistent and creative when it comes to his interests. To celebrate his birthday, he also chose a purely men’s kind of fun, a ‘Laser Tag’ game.








Our partners at the paintball club “Cheetah”made it possible. They have been working together with the Department of Charitable Fundraising of “DODOMU” for a number of years and are always willing to organize some fun for children.


Children have their own dreams, their own aspirations and aims in life. Each and every one of them is unique, full of talents and energy for their implementation.And we believe that those talents combined with the opportunities to realize their dreams , with true moral and ethical foundation in them,will finally create a world of which each of us has been dreaming since childhood:

the world where every child has a shining smile on his face every day of his life.