Mentoring in ‘DODOMU’ team

Наставник Тетяна з хлопцем

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the law on the introduction of mentoring on the 5th of October, 2017. From now on, the Ukrainians will, at the state level, be able to help orphans adapt to their independent life when they leave orphanages. Actually, mentoring in our country has been operating for a long time, thanks to such projects as “One Hope” and there’re already some good results. 

“DODOMU” team is also furthermore working in this direction, having a clear vision that the children, who had no childhood, are looking for and open their hearts to those who wish to take the responsibility to become their senior friend who won’t betray, will accept them for what they are, share his knowledge and life experience with them, help them build self-confidence and assist in deciding on what to do in life.

Mentoring in its essence is a simple idea that gives two keys to ensure that children without childhood become wholesome individuals. These are adoption and sustainability.

Tetiana Lavrynenko has already been one of team ‘DODOMU’ mentors for five years. We turned to her with a question: “What can be identified as the essence in this matter?” And this is what she now shares with us:-Not every child can be adopted, but each of them can be taken care of by an adult, who will enter her life in order to become her friend. You can be the first such a person in a life of a child without childhood. To be a mentor to these children means to play an invaluable, key part in their lives.

Children need to know that they are loved, that somebody cares about them, that they are special, but, most importantly, they need somebody who will talk to them the language of heart, wrap them up in love, be consistently sincere with them, accept them for what they are. It is important to gain their credibility, expecting nothing in return. To teach a child to look positively at themselves, at their life and people. To explain to a child that you came into her life to teach her and learn from her. It’s also important to always remember that one life can actually change another one!

Official notification on the President’s website about the law