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місіонерство Тетяна Сімоходська

Status: preparing to launchTania

Head: Tatiana Simohodska

International projects – children’s town centers and socialization in the most troubled countries.

Target audience: Infants to 18 who find themselves in difficult circumstances

Goal: to build centers for children as close to their home (family) in countries where children are located in dangerous locations; were victims of violence, sexual slavery, natural disasters, serious illnesses, malnutrition.

The slogan of our fund is”No child left behind” and no matter whether it is in our home country or abroad.

In Ukraine and Russia 10-15 % of kids, that grew up as orphans commit suicide at 18 years of age. 60 % of girls who were orphans will be engaging in prostitution, and 70 % of boys who were orphans will be involved with committing crime. However, in Eastern Europe the biggest focus is not on the the problem of abandoned children. According to UNICEF, as of 2013 in the world there are 140 million orphans. Only 7.7 million of them live in Central and Eastern Europe. The majority (over 58 million) – the children of Africa,  39 million – North Asia. Of all the orphans in the world there are 17 million that test positive for HIV or AIDS.

Status: preparing to launch