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Morning, breakfast and girls!!!

This week, the girls from one of Kyiv’s boarding schools have been given a chance to feel the atmosphere of femininity and love, receiving a breakfast invitation to the ‘Liubov’- Morkov’’ (lovey-dovey) cafe from our partners, the Youth Movement Mission 3:16.

It was the time the girls simply enjoyed chatting with their friends and having a healthy and a very delicious breakfast, leaving behind all their serious thoughts and worries. To feel being special, attractive, valuable and a part of something bigger, society, in all the fullness and freedom, is something that is so important for children who do not have a family ….

Then, there was a walk in the city centre to the places where ‘she wanted to walk’, with the ice cream “that she wanted to enjoy,” taking selfies “the way she likes” … so, the girls will really remember this day and, in the future, this memory will remind each of them that “she is a woman, special, desirable and a true lady .. “!

All this has become possible because someone who cares organized this little party for the girls, someone who cares postponed all his chores and kept these girls a good company and  accompanied them all the way, someone who cares sponsored the event! And I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who cares and to wish you, my dear readers, to be caring!

 Join in! Together, we will be able to say and do even more: “NO to Syria in Ukraine” !!!