“Status: day shift.Lara

Head: Larisa Morozova


Every child deprived of parents, should be mentored. This is not a sponsor nor a guardian. This is an adult friend who is a an adviser to help in the preparation for an independent life. He spends time with the child in an institution, or outside it, gives moral support in the development of both the individual and helps in solving organizational problems – career guidance, communication with government agencies, treatment etc.

Target audience: children from 5 years old, and potential or current teachers

Goal: Provide necessary support and individual education, through friendly relationships with significant adults within the orphanage center of socialization and outside of the center as well to keep in touch with the child and monitor their progress.

Objective: To effectively mentor the child (psychological training, workshops, seminars, library resources), provide support and expert advice to the child.

Status: day shift

To become a mentor to children and be confident desire to change the lives of one particular child. We are looking for such people. It could be you,  contact us!

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