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Nazar’s story is the story of real love


Nazar’s story was on the national TV some time ago.


In his own family, the boy was only needed for the benefit of its other members. Without knowing it, he actually was the sole breadwinner since childhood, although he often remained hungry himself.


In his family, Nazar received love and acceptance only from his great grandmother, who became his friend and his mother and whohad actually been bringing him up to the last days of her life.An elderly person sacrificially invested all her knowledge and strength into his upbringing as she could not afford to be indifferent to what was going on in the boy’s life. Thanks to her, Nazar has such good manners and a formidable spirit.He is very polite and consistent in everything he does.


Due to the fact that Nazar’s elderly great grandmother wasn’t able to support him any longer and his own mother was denied parental care, Nazar, aged 12, was brought to   the center of social and psychological rehabilitation №1 of Kyiv City State Administration Services for Children and Families.Nazar’s mother came to visit him only three times during his entire stay at the centre.


All the teachers and trainers noted his positive attitude, how disciplined and academically capable he was. In 2014, Nazar successfully passed his tests and interviews and was enrolled in the CA “DODOMU”program for socialization of adolescents.


A lot of time has passed since, and Nazar will soon be an adult. He has become very close and dear to the hearts of all the staff and volunteers of “DODOMU”, because such a vivid figure cannot be left unnoticed. He is an MC at corporate events and a responsible volunteer. He always lends his helping hand in all initiatives. He hasa cheerful sharp mind and a genuine bright smile.


Nazar can be called a high achiever. Living a life ofa normal active teenager with his healthy modern mainstream views, he issuccessfully completing the program for socialization. He has high life expectations and a thirst for intellectual development. He is outgoing andenjoys physical training.


‘It is our common success’


– Teachers and trainers are proud of and inspired by the success they have achieved together with the lad:


  • his successful study at TLU& his high scores,
  • his activity as a head of the group,
  • deep understanding and high intelligence,
  • and recently, brilliant defense of his work at the Small Academy of Sciences.


All this testifies to the fact that, despite all sorts of predictions and circumstances, true love is ready to give, doesn’t not seek benefitsand isn’t concerned about statistics and indicators. Only such love has the power to work miracles and change lives.