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New gorgeous hairstyle


If good actually lives in the heart of a man, his hands have the strength to put it into practice.


This is exactly what Alisa Vinograds’ka and Victoria Gorbach, the real masters of hairdressing, did giving every pupil of CA “DODOMU” and its graduates a wonderful new hairstyle.


It’s inspiring when good deeds become mainstream.People gladly follow each other doing it,being willing and able to sow a seed of humanity into the field of everyday life. They know that it will surely bring good fruit in due time.


Hairdressers around the world bring their skills and talents to the streets, go to nursing and foster homes to make those who are unable to pay for their services more beautiful and attractive-looking. These people can only reward them in return by a smile on their faces and a happy look in their eyes, where once again the fire of faith in humanity, compassion and kind-heartedness of people flares up.


This cannot be bought for money.


This is what makes us human.