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Twenty-six years ago, our homeland gained its independence.


Three years ago, we confidently chose to live and build our society in accordance with the freedoms and values ​​that have been chosen by most of the European and world communities. But still, in our work on the education, socialization and assistance to children without childhood, in preparing them for independent life,

we hear the same question: “Why do they need a spiritual foundation in their lives and why do you spend so much time on that?”


There’s a cliche that children are far from spirituality, and they cannot understand high and complex issues and ideas.


Based on our practice of working with them, we can say that it’s not true. A child’s mind is flexible and has a greater ability to trust and visualize what seems to be impossible for adults. When a child begins to practice Christian values ​​and virtues, she is able to seeand understand their wonderful and miraculous effects much faster than an adult. Life, as a result, becomes meaningful and full of sense for her.


This is the way and the path the Scriptures points out to us:

Start children off on the way they should go,and even when they are old, they will not turn from it.

(Proverbs 22: 6)


We believe that besides the physical and mental components, a person has a spiritual one. This spiritual part is the foundation for our life, this is the basis on which the harmony is built between basic psychological knowledge, physical healthy being, and interaction with the outside world and human society.


What does the spiritual education of childrenpractically give them?


We will try to answer this question based on our own experience:


  • A sense of safety and tranquility is passed from the outside of the child’s environment to his inner state and, subsequently, they become sources of confidence and restraint themselves.
  • Morality provides healthy boundaries that are not prohibitive in the sense that are inappropriate for adolescents, but they turn into their own choices and lifestyles.
  • A child begins to filter/sort out his own life, because he sees causal relationships, and is able to draw conclusions in favor of healthy preferences.
  • The ability not to seek satisfaction in its substitutes, but to use the ability to learn something new, both independently and with peers.
  • Sincerity, honesty and openness to discuss any problems and difficulties that a child encounters in everyday life.


In order to be able to socialize with peers who also chose a lifestyle in accordance with Christian values, this year we invited our pupils to stay at the youth camp “ViCampYouth 17”, where they had yet another opportunity to determine for themselves that a healthy and active way of spending their free timeis also full of great exciting memories! There’s no need to use any artificial energy boosters to have fun.


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