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‘One pair of slippers between the two boys’ or modern reality

 Sometimes we recall the old times and the stories of our grandmothers about how they had to take turns going to school, because they had only one pair of shoes for four children … Unfortunately, this is far from being a story from the past. It’s the present-day reality of some Ukrainian families who find themselves in difficult life circumstances (LWE).
For Andriy and Sashko,to go shopping and choose a pair of new shoes, not just any pair but the one they want, is an incredible adventure.Afterwards,they shared their impressions: ‘This is the first time I did it in my life!’ That joy was complete when we celebrated their purchases together in one of their favorite places 🙂 So, now the guys confidently and very happily go to school every day!
Today, we are taking care of more than 20 children from the LWE families, and each of them is waiting for a new pair of shoes!
We’d like to thank everyone who participates in this project, together with the ‘Dodomu’ team, in the fate of the children who most need it. Together, we will make it!
With suggestions and questions, please contact the project manager – Tetyana Simohods’ka at +380937505747