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Ordinary family

It is believed that all children in residential institutions dream of getting into a real family. Do you think this is true?

Deep inside, every child casts the hope that somebodytruly needs him. He hopes that someone will love him alone, the wayhe is … always … But, in the memories of these children, the family is a place where it is creepy, hungry, dirty, where nobody cares about them, where their parents beat them and roar at them, and, instead of fairy tales at night, they watch their parents drinking alcohol or using drugs … These children have seen a lot.Such a life destroys them from within. Most of them feel guilty and not worthy.

And what can be done to change this situation?

We know that a real family is the place where you’re always loved and waited for, where there’s warmth, comfort, aroma of your mom’s pies, loud laughter and joy. This is the place where you can simply keep silent and be understood, and, even if you aren’t right, you’ll be forgiven! And you will still be loved! Always!

It’s quite easy!

Here’s an example: a married couple came to visit children with cookies and games. They simply played with the children, talked to them and painted together, trying to hear personally every single child. They simply sharedthe warmth of their heartswith these children. And the following day, a little girl asked me: “When will those mom and dad come who played with us on the floor?” For this little kid,it was a little weird that a handsome, nice and an absolutely sober man agreed to go down on the floor to make puzzles with her. He didn’t spend much time or effort but created so many wonderful, warm memories inside the little heart. Not much at all, but it affects so much their future life. Would you like to leave pleasant memories in the life of a childdeserted by his own parents?

We’re waiting for you then!