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Orphans with living parents … How can we help?

While helping orphans, we’ve witnesseda problem of social orphanhood with our own eyes.

Orphans with living parents! This is a sad phenomenon – a disease of the modern Ukrainian society.

The state calls such familiesin difficult life circumstances -DLC. It’s so simple – “DLC”. Behind this “DLC”,there’s lots of pain and broken lives of children. Unfortunately, not every child in our state was lucky enough to be born in a good family, where the child receives everything for his fully fledged development and upbringing. Some parents simply are not able to provide the proper level of care for their children due to various reasons.Some parents simply aren’t willing to do this, showing parental indifference and negligence, also due to various reasons. These kids are deprived of childhood: they have to get some food and clothes for themselves, and older ones take care of the younger ones. They often grow up in cruel circumstances, some of them turn onto the path of crime and, being children themselves,they often give birth to other children.

Therefore, we, the “DODOMU” team, have decided to start the “New Beginnings” project in order to help such families overcome difficult life circumstances and prevent these children from being taken into residential care facilities. This task isn’t easy, we realize that, but we can do it together!

Today we’d like to share with you some good news about this new project. At this stage, we are looking after five DLC families where there are 20 children of all ages altogether. For two out of five families, we’ve helped improve their housing conditions. We’ve also assisted these parents with employment. Thanks to us, four of these children haven’t been taken into residential care facilities.What is even more important is that the Social Services have lifted the status of “DLC”off one of these families.

So, we’d like to invite everybody who wishes to join this worthy project to either provide some financial help or simply share your skills, attention and love with these children !!! Call or send an email to TetyanaSimohodska +380937505747.

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