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Our new friend –Mykhailo

 Mykhailo was persistent in his desire to become a member of the “DODOMU”Center for socialization of 15+ adolescents.

Though the program is designed to last for nine months, and he will already be 18 in September, the specialists of the service for Obolon district children, theadministration of the center for social and psychological rehabilitation of children №1, and the staff of CA “DODOMU” took a joint decision to enroll Mykhailoin the program.


After all, the guy really knows what he wants.

He clearly sees his own future profession. After re-assessing his past actions and their consequences, now he is open for psychological educational help and ready to accept it. As well as that,at such a young age,Mykhailo dreams of the simple things in life whichtestifies about his maturity. Most of all he desires peace and stability.

Mykhailois open and sincere, sociable, cheerful and upbeat. Despite the difficulties and tragedies, which he has, unfortunately, seen a lot of in his life, he is optimistic about his future and believes that he will succeed.


And we’re here to help him implement it in his life.