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One of the main tasks of our work with children of the crisis category is the prevention of negative phenomena. This work is not only about the prevention of smoking or drug addiction. Prevention of negative development of any events in the life of a child should be an integral part of this work. There are many programs, tools and methods that already work efficiently both in Ukraine and in the rest of the world. However, for each separate group of children and young people, there are some specific factors that need to be taken into accountin order for the information that adults are trying to convey to have apositive effecton the life of a child.

Here is our experience that may be useful to you too! Young people who have experienced all the consequences of theso-called “I want to try everything in life” positionand have overcome them, in a conversation over a cup of tea or coffee, were playing board games, munching cookies and sharing stories of their lives. They were alsotelling teenagers about possible negative events that could have happened to them and sharing strategies of how to livegood life. They also shared with us what to do to succeed and what steps can be taken to become successful.They talked about the efforts that are worth the real success, where to gainstrength from and how to never give up, and much more.

These talks weren’t just aboutwhere you cannot go and how to avoid bad things in life.They were about how to be strategic and preempt the situation to avoid it in the future, where to look for help, what help to get, and much more information that will be useful not only to those children who are in a crisis situation, but also to those who would like to leave a trace of their own life in history!

If interested, join us at Freedom House, our partners, who are always happy to see new guests!
You are welcome at: 52-b,Popudrenkostr and 16,Malinskaya str.