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Practical work

 To the question: “What kind of work do you do with the children?”,
                                                                                           we respond in one word: “Practical”.
                                                                                                                           The whole essence of our work is in it.
 An orphaned child, or whose parents are deprived of parental care or the one living in a family inextremely difficult life circumstances, in addition to neglect in education, loses the basic skills of what we call “practical life”, such as:- the ability to look afterhimself, organize hisown living space;
– the understanding of the concept of health, that is, the realization that health is a resource that will end, if due care isn’t exercised, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle;
– an ability to build relationships with people and have healthy social contacts;
– to recognize emotions and be able to adequately express them, to filter external negative influence, to receive real pleasure from life, to have moral regulators and spiritual basis for one’s life;
– to solve issues related to own property, documents, inheritance, to distribute own finances and use banking services.
When we give advice in each of these spheres to each of our pupils step by step, these boys and girls get a direction, an alternative to all the negative experience they carry with them, because they didn’t have the choice not to do and see all that.
Therefore, “practical life”, though not simple, with every victory and realization of a person’s self-importance, turns into an exciting adventure where the only “antihero” is a problem that grows and becomes larger if you ignore it, or makes you stronger and gives you a unique life experience when you turn around and look it in the eyes, attack it and win.