NewsSocialization Center 15+(boys)

Press release of events at the 15+ Сenter of Socialization for May,2016


While high school students are celebratingtheir graduation, we’d like to congratulate our own! Our handsome lads, Roma and Nikita, are graduates today. They finishedthe 9th grade, but they aren’t going back to school.They will go to a higher vocational school instead. They are still not 100 % sure about their future professions, but the fact that Roma is a future IT guy is absolutely undisputable.This guy, playing a computer game, can easily get into the program, make amendments to/add the desired code. Generally speaking, he loves everything that has anythingto do with technology and the Internet. We know that everything will be alright with them. And while they are enjoying the last school day, we are praying and supporting them – certification examinations will start on the first of June!


Meet ZhenyaShevchuk! A new pupil of the “Dodomu”Center of Socialization.He is the youngest among our guys, he will be 15 only in a month. He is a good, still quite a timid boy, full of smiles. Due to complicated family circumstances, he got to a boarding school, where we took him from. He wants to change and achieve something good in life. This desire is the main reason why we chose him. First of all, we helped him to get his own bank card and account sorted. Finally, he was able to withdrawthe scholarship from his account. Zhenyaspent this money on a new mobile phone, which in itself is a miracle! Boys who grew up in the street rarely buy phones for themselves. They usually get them in a different way, and this is not an exaggeration. The purchase of the phone was celebrated with a meal in a cafe and a new hairstyle. Meanwhile, the guys in the Center are getting acquainted with the new person, we are trying to organizeZhenya’s transferto a different specialization in his boarding school. He is studying to become a construction worker, although he wants to be a mechanic. He wants to work with cars which he really likes. Now he is not in the street, not alone and his life journey has just begun.


A cultural event! The guys got a chance to improve their etiquette skills!
We wentto the theaterwith our young men. The “Everywhere Alone” play is a story about the life of Taras Shevchenko interpreted by the theatre named after Lesia Ukrayinka. The story of a talent that fell under the mill of the system. While discussing the play, we went for a walk alongKhreshchatyk. Pasha met some of his friends from the Kiev military lyceum (he is its graduate). At the end of the evening, we went to the restaurant. To celebrate the birthday of the Center’s methodologist, Svetlana Gerasimenko ,we had a huge pizza with a few cocktails!
Sveta says, this birthday was special: “I was proud of the guys, it’s nice to spend time with in their company: they are educated and well-groomed young gentlemen !!!”. Some of them have only been in the center for a few months, but one can already clearly seebig changes in them. In such moments, you realize that you do this for a reason!


More and more people become our friends! Another salon joined our movement. Sasha and Roma were the first to visit salon ESTER beauty room. We would like to thank Anna Ovcharova her team of professionalsfor the haircut and, as well as that, the volunteer, Vladislava Goryan, who organized everything. The guys are delighted!


Friendship, life and freedom are the main team values for our teens. Victoria Andrievskaya’s project,VALUES_HappyUkraine,carried outits testing in the ‘DODOMU’ center of socialization for 15+ teens. Of all the possible positive priorities of humanity, the boys chose the most important ones for the whole team. They had to learn to hear the arguments of each other and agree on the common values for all. Our guys have chosen three main priorities and, according to the program, scored six out of seven possible points. This is the best result among all the teams that have been tested by the project so far!