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Release of April-May events at ‘Dodomu’


Sometimes something happens for the first time …

For the first time in 14 years Oleg, a pupil of the 15+ Center of Socialization, celebrated his birthday. For the first time, he was the reason for the celebration, for the first time, people tried to please him, for the first time, he was at the center of attention of people who actually care about him.
Congratulations to you, Oleh!
May the desires of your heart be fulfilled!


“We sincerely thank the team of the” Dodomu “Foundation for the assistance in holding our Conference” The Hour of Harvest “on April 20-22! “- OksamytaNovachuk. Our volunteers helped organize a delicious buffet and coffee breaks!

Everyone was happy and it was great.


The thirst for speed, healthy extreme, a new exciting experience and vivid memories must be present in the lives of adolescents.
So, we celebrated the birthday of our pupil, Yevhen. Happy 17th birthday!Never stop on the path that you have chosen!
We’d like to say our sincere thank you to our partners, the “Seagull” karting club, who helped createthis unforgettable experience for the boys!


A bright Easter holiday with sincere smiles, lots of fun and a good example to follow.

After all, the values ​​that we nurture in our children today –

-will become a world in which we will all live tomorrow!

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