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Release of ‘Dodomu’ events in March 2018


What do our guys do on the weekend in this weather? They are visiting their friends in HOSPITALS, bringing them MEDICINES, vitamins and FRUITS !!! The fact of the matter is that we are buying all this together, for our OWN MONEY. And if ORPHANS know how to care about the needs of each other, we thought maybe you also would like to support the guy?!

Any of your contributions will help the guys to be healthy in the future !!! If you want to help us with donations here is our credit-card number: 5168 7450 1262 6856 Bondar A.S. If your heart responded on this need and you are ready to help please call this number (063) 643 – 16 – 27 Oksana, educator of the Socialization Center 15+.


Our educator Vladimir Berezovsky is a good example for the guys, how a man can be stylish, don’t use dopings and ((self-extreme)). An enthusiast of sports, healthy lifestyle and a performer of positive, motivating rap, he is a living statement that one can live and without all that tries to kill you. So, the leisure time with the pupils is also appropriate.
We are sincerely grateful to the Jurassic Dream Island Aquapark for constant readiness and cooperation in events that will give  little bit of their childhood to children without childhood.


“Knowledge is like a pyramid.” The closer you get to the top, the more you know about the less amount of things. Eventually you understand that being good in this area is not enough – you need to become the best.”

(B. Wilson)