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Release of Events at ‘DODOMU’ for January 2018


A sincere and fun celebration, lots of meat and homemade dishes, a disco and a dream come true from the whole team of “DODOMU” – a pool table!

So, this is how we celebratedNew Year, in a healthy way, not only for the sake of good memories, but with the desire for greater achievements!

Thank you to everybody who have been and remain with us, let God bless you even more, and let your achievements be even more significant, and peace and tranquility reign in your families and hearts!



Everyone loves receiving, but you will surely agree that how they are presented to you and who does it is of paramount importance. So, more than any gifts, we all seek attention. This Christmas, the DODOMU team created a genuine family atmosphere of attention, tranquility and warmth for our boys, revealing the content of this bright holiday: do good to your neighbor.



The children of the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation
of Children №1, within the framework of the “Mayak” project of ‘DODOMU’, also celebrated Christmas. They were pleased with the Christmas performance, contests, delicacies, family atmosphere and, of course, presents for every boy and girl. They were satisfied and full of bright memories! The celebration was a success!


“Thanks to the ‘DODOMU’ Center for the Socialization of Orphaned Children” for this valuable document, in the form of” Acknowledgments “. Thank you so much for what you’ve been doing and all the help. Your reward will be greatand all the work is not in vain! Oksanochka, thank you very much for the congratulations, all the gifts and the traditional January chit-chat.”

It’s nice to hear the words of gratitude, watch the little ones smiling and see the hope in the eyes of adolescents! Often, the best way to help yourself is to help the others. Join in!