NewsSocialization Center 15+(boys)

Release of events at the 15 + Centre for Socialization for April,2016


Photo report about the “Dynamo” championship game! Our guys are football fans, especially Nazar and Sasha. Naturally, they cheered for “Dynamo”. Between themselves, they put a bet on the 2: 0score. As a result, “Dynamo” – “Vorskla” 1: 0. Guessed it almost correctly! 🙂We’d like to thank the official fan club of Dynamo (Kiev) for the tickets to the match!

The boys had a lot of positive emotions! Well, Dynamo, of course, is the champion of Ukraine now!  NSC “Olympic”


We can’t but be happy for Sasha’s smile! Thanks to the specialists of the “Astra Dent” clinic,Sasha got a beautiful smile! Ian Kozbanenko, a volunteer, accompanied him at all the stages. It was funded by the ‘SOS’ Foundation, along with Sasha’s friend and mentor, Karine Petrosian. Thank you so much! Sashka, smile more often now!


This weekend has opened a season of picnics. We brought the guys out to the nature! For us, it is an opportunity to stay with them in a different setting – not only in the mode of household, educational issues, but also on vacation – to show an example of friendship and family relations. They could not see this from their parents, but we are gradually teaching them such new things through this kind of trips. The guys were there with  Julia Feshchenko’s family, the leader, and Tatyana Petruk, the volunteer. Altogether, they marinated and fried kebabs, played sports games, and, of course, ate 🙂. It seems that such days are much more valuable for them than hundreds of other days spent in training and strict education 🙂.


To help others, it’s not always necessary to have a lot of money. It’s enough to be kind. Beauty salon Sj & team ; team is not a big one, but its team always have time and are generous enough to take care of our guys’ hairstyles, even the graduates. Thanks so much that once again you let them see how cool they are! Even on the outside) Thank you for the excellent quality of your work!


Sasha came to us last fall. He spent his childhood in very difficult conditions. Though, after an interview and a little test, we realized that this guy would grow up to be a true Man. All he needs now is a bit of help. In a few months, from a reserved and impolite, he turned into a confident guy who uses his own initiative. Today he is 16! Soon he will get his passport and become even more independent. In the meantime,he went to celebrate and rollerblade with friends. You can write your greeting cards, which we will surely pass to him! Happy birthday, Sasha!


Spring is a time to scatter stones or rather throw them away from your soul and your house. It’s time to change clothes from a warm winter jacket into a new coat, maybe not a new one but the one you forgot about for half a year. It’s easier to say goodbye to your low self-esteem, insults and blame for the violent winter, when the angels hoverdressing up and purifying the nature. It also applies to you. In the rays of the sun, one feels like washing dirty windows, throwing away all the rubbish, openingthe windows and bathing in the lightclean air. After that, you can call your friends and, over a cup of hot tea, chat and laugh at everything that worriedyou during the winter.
We are here to do a spring clean. The guys are cleaning up their rooms. Some volunteers come to help too. Together, we’re washing the refrigeratorand cleaning up the farthest corners. And then – a feast! We clean it this way once a month) Have you already done the spring cleaning of your life?