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Release of events for the October Center Socialization 15+

Release of events for the October Center Socialization 15+


Can the weather affect your mood? 

 It depends on your attitude to it, but in any case, it is not about the team of volunteers of the CF “DODOMU” and the pupils of CA 15+!

The picnic was a big success!




Volunteers generously spend their time, money and own cars to help the children without childhood. So, if you thought that being a volunteer is just an active hobby – then, let this video tear this stereotype apart.

Eugene driving a car!?!


There are things that we don’t speak about, but they still exist and affect the lives  of children.

Have you heard about the “adoption threshold”?The probability of a child being adopted after the age of 14 is less than 10%.Orphans become hostages of time, not being able to enjoy their childhood.

It should not be so.




Mentors teach the guys not only how to live wisely, but also to build relationships with other people and reveal your own talents.

They are able to teach more. Sometimes they can even teach you to fly.

Change the life of a child, become a mentor, and your life will change for better faster than you dreamed about it.