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Right to rest and relax

Do you teach your children to rest and relax?

This is a weird question, at first glance.


But if you were traveling with us along the beaches of Mykolayiv region to the Cape Adzhiyask, you would often see such a picture: parents with beer and cigarettes are chatting to each other while their children, by themselves, are looking for some fun on the beachof the coast. The communication between them is usually only periodic shouts from the parent’s side, which contain essentially only directives and prohibitions.


We decided to share this not to condemn the behavior of such parents, but to reflect andcontemplate on our reality. If we, parents, do not start changing it now, it will not change by itself, and,furthermore, in the near future, it will deterioratewith the help of our own children.


  Children imitate us, those adults who are important at present in their lives,


and those whoshape theirchildren’s behavior by their own one.  Parenthood and upbringing of a child aren’t only the right but also the responsibility.


Let’s teach our children to rest so that, while resting, they get genuine memories. Let’s become a part of those memories. Only by your own example,you can nurturetrue values ​​in your child. Words aren’t worth anythingwithout an example.


Our guys, for the second year in a row,have gone to rest in a healthy environment of peers and adults in the youth camp “ViCamp”, where, first of all, they learn to relax by following simple and effective instructions:


  1. Do not rest passively: get pleasure from doing different “activities” while resting.
  2. Every time discover something new! Even if you travel places where you’ve been before: there is always something you have not seen, felt or tried.
  3. Let your rest/holidays be healthy! Exclude all “substitutes of pleasure”from it, because the real life is bigger and more beautiful. It can give you the true happiness that will remain with you forever.


Try to relax following these simple rules and you will not want to do it any differently! Look into the eyesand at the faces of your children. They are still children,although they survived a lot in their lives! This is how a real children’s holiday looks like!