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Sasha Budnyuk’s 2017 Birthday


Special thanks to Valentyn of «Jiva» climbing wall and the «KFC»staff


With every single day, we become more reassured that people need to help the others and invest their own time and effort in children without childhood.


Thus, this week, for example, two lovely people helped to organize an unforgettable birthday for our Sasha.


In the morning, he received his congratulations and got a lot of pleasant surprises that had been prepared for him in advance.


Then there was a trip to the «Jiva»climbing wall.


Why the climbing wall? Because Sasha enjoys such extreme urban youth trends as train-surfing and roofing.The educators of CA” DODOMU “decided to help him direct his interest in the safe direction. When he was invited to visit the climbing wall, he gladly agreed.


With the help of an experienced instructor, Valentyn, who delivered a full master-class on mountain climbing, boys and girls have mastered the basic principles and techniques of this extremely interesting hobby, which requires not only one’s strength, but also the ability to concentrate, and activate one’s willpower in action sequences. Coaching and interaction with the instructor were very intense, funny and sincere. Throughout the session, the guys were in a cheerful expectation of something exciting and experienced the joy of victory. The most important thing is that the boys came to realization that extreme sportscan be enjoyed safely and usefully, not causing any damage to their own lives..

Sasha was the only one who managed to complete successfully the most difficult track.

The celebration lasted for two days.


The next day, Sasha visited the «KFC» restaurant with his friends and girlfriends. There they had been waited for and sincerely welcomed by the staff. They also got lots of delicious treats of the American cuisinestyle.


It is safe to say: Sasha’s birthday was extremely successful and will be remembered for a long time.


It’s great when people make genuine contributions to charity, above all, with their sincere, friendly attitude to these children. The warmth of this love can melt any ice that improperly attempted to settle in their hearts.


We wish to express our sincere gratitude to you, all good and kind people around!